Christiansburg police to launch internal investigation after Del. Chris Hurst traffic stop

Hurst was pulled over early Sunday morning and blew a 0.085, just above the legal limit

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. – After controversy arose regarding Sunday’s traffic stop of Virginia Delegate Chris Hurst, the Christiansburg Police Department is taking a closer look at what happened.

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Authorities say Hurst was pulled over by an officer around 2 a.m. on the US-460 overpass between the downtown Christiansburg and Peppers Ferry Road exits.

The officer said he saw Hurst’s car swerve across the right side fog-line several times and drive over the speed limit for a short period of time.

The Police Department announced Thursday that an internal investigation has been initiated regarding the stop.

This investigation will be completed within 30 days, according to a town spokeswoman.

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Below is the full statement from the Police Department announcing the investigation:

The Christiansburg Police Department shares the community’s concerns regarding the Jan. 26 traffic stop involving Chris Hurst and has launched an internal investigation to review if the actions taken during the encounter violated agency policy. Internal investigations must be complete within 30 days, and we will provide additional information once the investigation is complete. The department is also conducting a review of the policies governing DUI enforcement to ensure those policies promote public safety and adequate enforcement action when appropriate and legally permissible under the provisions of the Code of Virginia and the Constitution of the Commonwealth. Our goal and mission at the Christiansburg Police Department remains to provide the best possible law enforcement service to the community.

Christiansburg Police Department

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