CoreLife delivers Food for Frontline meals to Carilion employees who clean patient rooms

Carilion’s Environmental Services Department is tasked with cleaning, disinfecting every inch of the hospital

ROANOKE Va. – Your generosity strikes again!

More Food for Frontline meals were delivered to those risking their own health for others.

On Friday, donations from 10 News viewers bought lunches from Roanoke’s CoreLife Eatery for those who have a very important job.

At the entrance to pick up 162 boxes of lunch were a few members of Carilion’s Environmental Services Department.

They are tasked with cleaning and disinfecting every inch of the hospital.

“We love coming to work and my team works very hard and this helps us to continue to do that and we thank the community for everything they continue to do and we want to work hard to make sure that we make a safe environment for everybody,” said Frances Karpeh, Director of Operations for the Environmental Services Department.

You might call the team the unsung heroes of the pandemic.

They too risk their health by cleaning every room every patient is in, even those who are COVID-19 positive.

“We’re fighting germs, so it’s always like we’re at a war anyways; we have to do our job and make it safe for everyone not only in the hospital, but outside the hospital,” said Jason Grogans, Environmental Services employee.

Finding out many 10 News viewers donated to deliver them lunch was a treat.

“I speak for all of us. It's going to make us feel real, real nice and special that someone else is looking out for us. We always here looking out for everyone else, so it's good to know that someone else is returning the favor,” Grogans said.

The Food for Frontline donations was also the largest ever to-go order for CoreLife.

“We stayed open because we want to serve our community. We want to serve our guests, but especially we are so thankful that we can have the opportunity to serve those who are serving all of us tirelessly every day,” said Marilyn Grammenopoulos, CoreLife Eatery co-owner.

As of 3:40 p.m. Friday, Food for Frontline had raised $18,230 with nearly 200 donations. If you would like to contribute, click here.

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