Truck drivers passing through White’s Travel Center thankful for Food for Frontline donations

Dozens of truck drivers were surprised with sandwich and a smile

RAPHINE, Va. – Food for Frontline hit the road to thank those who are driving up and down the highway to make sure we have the supplies we need.

On Wednesday, dozens of truck drivers were surprised with a sandwich and a smile at White’s Travel Center in Raphine.

“I see how hard these drivers work and they are essential because they keep America rolling. Without them we wouldn’t have the goods that we need every day,” said Subway manager Kim Moore.

At noon, White’s Travel Center employees set up at the front door handing out donated lunches to drivers coming in off the road, ready to refuel.

“I think it’s great. I saw it when we come in on the sign and I thought, ‘Well, wonder where this is happening,’ and then we pulled up I said they’re actually giving away Subway sandwiches. We were really tickled about that. That’s a big deal,” said truck driver Lisa Brewer.

White’s Travel Center owner Bobby Berkstresser said he’s heard from drivers that in some parts of the country good food has been harder to come by.

“One of them come in one day and said that that was the first hot meal they'd had in three days,” said Berkstresser.

Since the outbreak, Brewer and her husband try to steer clear of truck stops

“We're all over the United States,” Brewer said.

Wednesday’s lunch from Food for Frontline donors did more than just refuel their empty stomachs.

“Sometimes we feel a little unappreciated out here on the road, you know. Truck drivers has not always had the best reputation maybe. People feel like we go too fast, don't go fast enough and so it's really nice to see people actually appreciating what we're doing now a days,” Brewer said.

If you would like to donate to the Food for Frontline initiative, click here.

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