Buena Vista leaders look at ways to bring more businesses downtown

The city hopes to have its plan finished by November

BUENA VISTA, Va – After plans for major development in Buena Vista were scrapped earlier this week, business owners and city leaders are working together to determine what the future of downtown will look like.

Friday business owners met with the planning team the city has hired to discuss what new businesses they hope to bring downtown. Drop boxes have been set up through the city so people can weigh in.

“Having worked in nearly 300 communities around the united states two things, Buena Vista is dripping with potential and that people seem to be interested and engaged in ways that people just aren’t in many cities,” said planning team member Chuck D’Aprix.

Ed Walker, who has been involved in redevelopment efforts across the area, informed city officials in Buena Vista that he will auction off the remaining properties he originally bought in 2018 in downtown Buena Vista. The purchase aimed to spur economic growth and development in the downtown area.

Bob Nablo and his team are set to open their new restaurant downtown in a few weeks.

“We don’t feel there is a business currently that does exactly what we’re proposing to do and so we can fill a void, we’re also hoping to bring a little life to this end of magnolia,” said co-owner of Piggie’s, Bob Nablo.

Nablo hopes his future hot dog joint will be a place where young people can come and pass the time after a football game.

“If we can put some light and some activity and some noise and some people out here, we’d like to think we’re helping Buena Vista,” Nablo said.

He hopes to see the empty buildings around him fill up soon but says it won’t happen overnight.

The city hopes to have the plan finished by November.

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