Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam lays out state’s three-phased coronavirus vaccine distribution plan

‘The vaccine news is extremely, extremely hopeful,’ said Northam

“First of all, we have every reason to believe that these vaccinations are safe,” said Gov. Ralph Northam, addressing Virginians on Wednesday.

He discussed the two companies, Pfizer and Moderna, that are preparing to roll out their vaccines, which each company says is 95% effective.

Both companies have applied for emergency use authorization from the FDA.

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In addition to the FDA’s review, the Virginia Department of Health’s vaccination team also has a workgroup doing an independent review of the vaccine data.

This vaccine does not use a live virus, rather, it spurs your body to produce antibodies to the disease, according to the governor.

“As a doctor, I am confident that all protocols have been followed and no corners had been cut and I expect the FDA review will show that,” said Northam.

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