‘This is a phony pandemic’: Bob Good speaks out against coronavirus restrictions

Good, a Republican, will soon represent Virginia’s 5th Congressional District

ROANOKE, Va. – “This looks like a group of people that gets that this is a phony pandemic. It’s a serious virus, but it’s a virus. It’s not a pandemic.”

That’s how soon-to-be Congressman Bob Good opened up his speech during Saturday’s Women for America First rally.

[Where are Virginia’s coronavirus cases? The health department’s interactive map]

Good defeated Dr. Cameron Webb to represent Virginia’s 5th Congressional District.

After speaking against the pandemic on Saturday, Good took to Twitter on Sunday.

Over the course of 13 tweets in 20 minutes, here’s what Good had to say:

If we told you a year ago that one-tenth of one percent of Americans would succumb to the Coronavirus in the next year, while 99.9% would survive, would you accept a “remedy” that required thousands of businesses to close forever, millions of people to lose their jobs, millions to exhaust their savings, millions to fall behind on mortgage and rent payments, millions of students to fall behind academically because they couldn’t go to school, churches couldn’t hold normal worship services, weddings would be prohibited, graduations would be canceled, funerals couldn’t be held, you couldn’t visit your loved ones in assisted living facilities, other non-COVID-19 medical treatments would be postponed indefinitely, your kids couldn’t play sports &/or you couldn’t watch, not to mention many more unintended cultural, social, mental, and spiritual consequences --- would you agree to accept that “remedy”?

Thankfully, deaths as a percentage of COVID-19 infections are going way down. So far down, that many media outlets have stopped reporting deaths, & instead focusing on positive infections.

We are testing millions of people each week, so we have more people testing positive, whether or not they are actually sick or even experiencing symptoms.

While every death is tragic, and we all know friends or family who have been affected, we accept some risk to live in a free society. We accept some risk with vehicle travel. We have nearly 40,000 auto fatalities every year in this country, but we don’t outlaw vehicle travel

After nearly a year roughly 5% of Americans have been confirmed as contracting the virus including many who experience no symptoms. Less than 1/10th of 1 % of Americans have been reported as having died from the virus: 99.9% have survived year 1 & vaccine soon to be available.

We have got to stop the insanity, and stop accepting the hoax that says forcing people to wear a mask, forcing businesses to close, prohibiting worship services, and keeping kids out of school will make a significant difference in whether or not we will die from this virus.

Why are we surrendering our constitutional First Amendment rights to assembly and worship? Why are we letting the gov’t trample on the 9th Amendment, which prohibits the government from denying or disparaging all of our other rights that are justly retained by we the people?

Those perpetuating & expanding these restrictions are threatening to continue them well into 2021 and perhaps beyond, with no promise of when it will end. These government lockdowns & excessive restrictions are simply not warranted.

We know the risks of COVID-19, including the precautions to take and who is at greatest risk, and we have made tremendous progress with treatment, therapeutics, and vaccines.

We have got to let citizens and businesses choose for themselves. We have got to rise up and together say “Stop the madness---No more!”

Bob Good, in a series of Sunday morning tweets

10 News reached out to Good’s office Monday; however, he was unavailable for comment.

Below is a full transcript of Good’s speech during the rally:

I cannot tell you how great it is to look out there and see your faces. This looks like a group of people that gets that this is a phony pandemic. It’s a serious virus, but it’s a virus. It’s not a pandemic. It’s great to see your faces. You get it. You stand up against tyranny. Thank you for being here today. Thank you for saying no to the insanity.

As they said, my name is Bob Good, I just got elected to Congress from some good folks in the 5th District here in Virginia. And I actually believe that my job is to represent the people who sent me here and to stand up for the constitution.

And I want you to know there are some Good ones there. No pun intended. There are some good ones there who are there for the right reasons and they are fighting for the right things. We just need more of them and we need you to hold us accountable.

But more than being in Congress, I am proud to tell you I'm a born-again Christian, it's the most important thing in my life.

And the media hates it when I say this but I'm a constitutional conservative and I'm a biblical conservative.

But, we're here today to support the greatest president of my lifetime and your lifetime.

The most deserving president for reelection that we've ever had.

This is the best president ever for economic opportunity. This is the best president ever for the Constitution and the Second Amendment. This is the president ever for the sanctity of life and our religious freedoms. This is the best president ever for school choice and parental control of education. This is the best president ever for our relationship with the nation of Israel and peace in the Middle East. This is the best president ever to keep our nation safe, to secure our borders, to build the wall. He has done what he said he would do. He is the best president to stand up for our military, who stand on the wall for us. How many veterans are here today? The best president ever for our veterans. Thank God for our veterans. We are the home of the free because of the brave. This is the best president ever because of law enforcement, the way he stands with them as they stand for us.

And you know, they couldn't beat him four years ago. They couldn't beat him four years ago. When he won. And so what did they do? The Democrat party and their allies in the media never recognized him as our legitimate president. They spent two years lying about phony Russian collusion stories.

And when that didn't work, they said set about with phony trumped up ridiculous dishonest impeachment charges to undo the will of the people.

And when that didn't work, they set out to steal the election.

All you have to know is a party that passed laws like we did in my home state of Virginia, I'm ashamed to say, to allow people to vote without IDs. If that's all you know, there is no reason to allow people to vote without IDs unless you're trying to cheat and steal. And to allow people to vote without having to match signatures.

And you know what? How many votes did they steal? As many as they needed. They had the trove, the stored ballots, the mysterious ballots. To come up with. How ever many they needed to steal the election.

And yes, this is about standing up for the greatest president of our lifetime, but it's also about standing up for transparency and integrity in elections. Without that, we do not have our sovereign republic. So we're going to keep fighting.

I will fight with Mo Brooks of alabama. I will fight with the others in congress who are going to challenge this. We're gonna keep fighting until every legal vote is counted; only the legal votes are counted. Thank you for standing with us. Thank you for standing with President Trump. May God bless you and may God continue to bless the United States of America.

Congressman-elect Bob Good during the Women for America First rally on Dec. 12, 2020

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