Norfolk Southern announces furloughs in mechanical department

Not clear yet how many people are affected

Some employees who work in Norfolk Southern’s mechanical department will be furloughed, the company announced on Wednesday.

In a statement to 10 News, a Norfolk Southern representative said company leaders made the decision in order to “align our operations with the current economy.”

The representative said, “This action is being taken across our entire operating network.” 10 News is still working to get specifics on which locations are affected by the furloughs.

Employees who were furloughed may be able to apply for other positions at Norfolk Southern, according to the company representative.

It’s not clear yet how many employees will be affected.

Norfolk Southern announced a round of furloughs for employees in early January 2020. That move came after 130 employees were cut in September 2019 and dozens were laid off in April 2019.

In February 2020, Norfolk Southern said it would eliminate more than 100 workers from its Roanoke operations when it closes down its locomotive shop and transfers work at its distribution center.


Norfolk Southern informed employees of furloughs within our mechanical department that are needed to align our operations with the current economy.  We know furloughs are always hard for impacted employees and even harder around the holidays. We are working to provide an extended notice period for impacted employees. NS appreciates the hard work and commitment of all the men and women on the Thoroughbred Team, which makes these decisions particularly difficult.

These actions will be spread across multiple locations. Furloughed employees may have the opportunity to apply for positions, as available, elsewhere on the NS system.”

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