Holiday travel hustle and bustle is in high gear with Christmas days away

Air travel is up by 65% at the Roanoke Blacksburg Regional Airport compared to last year

The holiday hustle is in high gear right now, especially when it comes to travel.

ROANOKE, Va.. – Nearly three million people across the Commonwealth are expected to travel this holiday season, according to AAA.

Millions of Americans are traveling this holiday season to make up for lost time.

“For a lot of families to forgo get-togethers with loved ones last year, they said we are getting back together this year,” AAA Mid-Atlantic Spokesperson Morgan Dean said. “But we are going to do every single thing that we can to be as safe as possible.”

Dean said more than 109 million Americans will hit the road or fly by plane this holiday weekend.

On Thursday afternoon, VDOT lifted lane closures and suspended most highway work zones to help ease travel.

But when it comes to takeoff, Dean said it may be a new experience for some families.

“We’ve heard from a lot of people who said this is the first time they are going to an airport since the pandemic began,” he said.

Air travel is up by 65% at the Roanoke Blacksburg Regional Airport compared to last year, according to Director of Marketing Brad Boettcher.

With 14,000 people rolling through the airport with their luggage this week, Boettcher said pack some patience.

“Not all airport restaurants, especially in hub cities are open right now,” he said. “Those that do can have really long lines. So if you try taking a longer flight make sure you pack some snacks so you have some food, in case you are not able to get it during your layover.”

Parking lot fees are still at $9 to help make revenue for the airport.

Boettcher said they plan to change this once they see their lots filling up regularly like it was before the coronavirus pandemic.

Around this time of year, it pays to be early at the airport.

Boettcher suggests arriving an hour and a half early to avoid congestion and board on time.

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