FloydFest returns for final hurrah at old site

Community members show out and share their memories of the festival

PATRICK COUNTY, Va. – Bring out the tents and the shades because FloydFest is here.

Deemed as the magical mountain, thousands of people are enjoying the festival in its original home before it moves to Floyd County next year.

Around 9,000 people packed 75 acres of Patrick County on Thursday to groove again to some tunes.

“Being on top of this mountain is magical,” FloydFest CEO John McBroom said.

More than two decades of memories are at FloydFest and McBroom said “people raised their families here.”

A giant guitar was surrounded by names along with photos hanging to mark the annual Memorial Garden to pay tribute to dozens of fest-goers who have lost their lives.

“We’re family,” McBroom said. “Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are standing.”

While food and drinks call people’s names, Michelle Zoncick said the music is what makes her keep coming back for more.

For the past five years, Zoncick travels from North Carolina to experience the fun.

But next year, the magic will move to Check with more than 200 acres of space.

“I can tell you I just want to be there every day,” McBroom said. “Everyone that I’ve taken [people] to the ground. Basically, it’s the same thing where their eyes get big.”

McBroom will miss the original home but Zoncick said she is ready to go.

“I’m actually kind of really interested to hear what’s going to happen when they move it,” Zoncick said. “But it sounds really exciting. Wherever FloydFest we’re definitely going to go.”

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