Danville Police move into brand new headquarters

Since 1926, Danville Police have called a basement in City Hall their workspace

DANVILLE, Va. – After seven years of planning and construction, Danville Police are finally moving into their new headquarters.

Since 1926, Danville officers have called a basement in City Hall their workspace.

The more spacious location has already boosted the morale of the team and could attract new recruits.

“I added it up the other day I spent 20 years without any windows,” Lieutenant Colonial Dean Hairston said.

Hairston helped design the $18 million three-level building.

With ballistic glass and buzzers installed, Hairston said security was one of his main priorities.

“At the other facility people could freely during the day walk in and wander through the building,” Hairston said. “Now, you have to be buzzed in and we’ve limited the footprint people can occupy.”

It’s four times bigger than their old space, with new features like a fitness center, training rooms, and lockers galore.

“You know it’s almost better than Christmas,” Hairston said.

“Stuck in City Hall in downtown asphalt all around, sidewalks all around,” City Manager Ken Larking said. “There really wasn’t an opportunity for the community to gather.”

But now, there are multipurpose rooms and a basketball court to build closer bonds.

“But, actually exponentially build on that trust so that when things happen, hopefully, they get avoided before they happen, we can get them solved pretty quickly.”

Once the department is fully settled, there will be a grand opening in October.

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