Rock N’ Roll fans frustrated with long wait times, limited shuttles at Blue Ridge Rock Fest

Concert goers are waiting more than two hours for a shuttle to get to the venue

HALIFAX COUNTY, Va. – A lot of the excitement and energy for the Blue Ridge Rock Fest is turning into frustration.

Some fans are having to wait more than two hours for a shuttle at the one-day parking lot.

William Rose said it’s not fun paying money for tickets just to miss out on performances.

“To be honest we want to get it. We miss so many ... it’s not fair to the smaller bands because they’re not able to see, the fans aren’t able to see them ... you can’t get in,” Rose said.

While most fans are feverishly waiting to get on a shuttle, some are trying to make a little light out of the situation.

“Well it’s really great because I have a lot of time to you know get to know the people around me and maybe I can make more friends, but in actuality, this is not ideal I would say,” Tyler Smith said.

The Blue Ridge Rock Fest moved venues this year to the Virginia International Speedway after issues in 2021.

While people camping at the site are not having many issues, people parking at the day lots are waiting hours upon hours for one of the limited shuttles available.

“I think preparation would be a big key here. So when you say you’re going to have 40 shuttles to shuttle people to the event, maybe actually following through with that, making sure it does happen,” Smith said.

Blue Ridge Fest acknowledged the frustrations and released a Facebook Post apologizing for the delays. They were also struck by the limited buses.

“I just really hope everyone finds the patience to wait in line. I know it’s going to be tough out here but hey, I believe love changes the world,” Smith said. “Try not to hate on these people so much, especially the workers. They’re doing the best they can and it’s not their fault.”

The festival runs through this weekend.

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