Buena Vista high school students continue to show support for UVA victims

Students at Parry McCluer High School signed a banner to show their support

BUENA VISTA, VA. – An outpouring of love and support continues in Buena Vista after a heartbreaking tragedy on UVA grounds.

Students at Parry McCluer High School signed a banner and left positive messages to show their support for the Charlottesville community

“It’s just an awesome thing that we’re able to do that,” Senior David Lawhorne said.

Lawhorne is one of the dozens of students and faculty who wanted to help shine a light by writing notes like “Prayers ... UVA Strong.”

“I thought it was a good idea, “I’m glad we’re able to do what we can,” Lawhorne said.

Lucas Bolen helped organize it and has a strong connection with UVA.

Since Lucas was 4, there was always a Cavalier to help him get through his health problems.

He’s pleased to see the community supporting his UVA extended family, including shooting survivors Mike Hollins and Marlee Morgan.

“It’s heartwarming man, like it’s the last thing in the playbook you’d expect,” Bolen said. “You can tell in his eyes and body language he was just bless to know that people were there for him in a hard time in his life.”

Amber Bolen, Lucas’ sister, is helping collect cards for both Mike and Marlee.

She also started a GoFundMe for Marlee, and people donated more than $24,000.

“Eliminate the hate is the biggest part, it’s what I’m trying to get to cause we see enough of it in the world we saw enough of it in this incident so be a part of the good,” Amber Bolen said. “Be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people.”

There is another card drive this Saturday from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. at the Old Salem Brewing Co. in Salem. You can learn more here.

You can also send your messages to 10 News to be shared with the UVA community. You can do so here.

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