Heather Hodges court case continues with day two of jury trial

People who saw Hodges just days before she disappeared took the stand

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Va. – Wednesday marked day two of the Heather Hodges case in Franklin County where her then-boyfriend Paul Jordan is being accused of murder.

The Commonwealth called around a dozen witnesses to the stand, stand including Hodges’ former drug dealer, law enforcement, and some of the last people to see Hodges before she disappeared.

Roger Bowman, who married Jordan’s ex-wife, was among some of the last people to see Hodges. He said he and his son, Nick, stopped by Hodges’ and Jordan’s home for a fishing rod and that’s when they noticed Hodges acting strangely.

“It was an image that kind of burned in my mind, I still see it today just as clear as can be she was standing there she was staring at myself and Nick,” Bowman said.

Law enforcement officers went over surveillance tapes they reviewed, and blood samples they found in the home at the time.

One key piece of evidence – a door knob with blood smeared under it and Jordan’s fingerprint in it. They did not say who the blood belonged to.

The prosecution also argued Jordan used Hodges’ debit card to attempt to withdraw money. Ingrid Clemmons was a post office clerk there at the time.

“The clerk said well you going to need the pin number and he said well that’s not possible because she’s in a mental hospital,” Clemmons said.

Hodges’ former drug dealer also testified, saying he owed Hodges pills and she never came back for them. Her sister also took the stand for a second time, describing the last time she saw Hodges.

The trial is expected to continue for two more days. 10 News will keep you updated as we learn more.

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