One week since election day and still no official winner for 5th Congressional District

LYNCHBURG, Va. – There is still no official winner in Virginia’s Republican Primary for the 5th Congressional District, even though it’s been a week since election day.

Representative Bob Good, the incumbent isn’t going down without a fight, even though his challenger, John McGuire is claiming victory.

Election results are not technically certified by the State Board of Elections until July 2.

McGuire released a statement on Monday:

“I’m so honored that you’ve chosen me as your next Congressman. Thank you to everyone who supported us - me, my family, and my team. I also want to thank Bob Good for his service as our congressman. The final tally of votes are in, and the outcome of the 5th District election has been confirmed. I am looking forward to November and becoming part of the America First victory not only in Virginia but across the country. It’s time for us to come together as a party and focus on the bigger goal—winning in November. We need to unite and ensure a Republican victory to keep our conservative values strong. While I understand the desire to continue the fight, the outcome of this election will not change. The fight is over, and it’s time to move on and work together as a team. I’ve always found that that’s the best way to get things done for We the People. I’m looking forward to serving our great country in a new way!”

John McGuire

The fight McGuire is referring to is Good’s request for an investigation into election handling and request for a recount.

A person with Good’s office sent this statement to 10 News on Tuesday:

“The people of our district are reaching out to our campaign demanding that we pursue a recount. Our donors, our volunteers, and our supporters expect it. This isn’t about Bob Good. This is about the people of the district. Already thousands of dollars in donations have come in for our recount efforts. We will pursue the recount to settle any questions about the fairness or transparency of the election process. This way, voters can confidently move forward to the general election.”

Diana Shores, Congressman Bob Good's Campaign Manager

10 News looked into what the recount process is in Virginia.

According to the Virginia State Board of Elections, there are no automatic recounts.

The requirements for a recount include:

  1. The election must first be certified, which will happen by the Board of Elections on July 2nd
  2. The difference between the winning and losing candidates cannot be greater than 1%
  3. The losing candidate must file a petition for a recount with the court system in Richmond

The losing candidate has 10 days to file for a recount once the election is certified.

You can find the full step-by-step instructions for recounts from the Virginia State Board of Elections, here.

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