Radford City Dispatch implements Emergency Medical Dispatch

RADFORD, Va. – In an emergency situation, getting as much information as possible can be critical, but thanks to Emergency Medical Dispatch in Radford City, that is now possible.

“What it is is a set of protocols and standardized questions that a dispatcher asks when they receive a 911 call or an administrative call,” said Michael Mansdoerfer, services division captain for Radford City Police Department.

Radford City Dispatchers have a new system where they now have a standardized way they are approaching medical emergency calls.

The system allows for dispatchers to give instructions to people, and gain critical information on the situation.

“If somebody is unconscious, not breathing, our dispatchers are now able to provide CPR instructions, as well as asking the standardized questions for chest pain calls, or traumas of different sorts,” Mansdoerfer said.

I talked to a dispatcher for Radford City and she said while they are still learning the system, which requires a six-week training period, it will save lives in emergencies.

“We can give CPR instructions and that can be in process while [emergency personnel] are in route to the call,” said Kim Conner, dispatch supervisor for the city.

She said with the new system, they have been able to get more crucial information from calls.

They said they are excited to see how efficient they will be in a year from now.

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