Bringing hope, fulfilling dreams: Dream 34 basketball

ROANOKE, Va. – The Basketball Tournament, better known as “TBT” is one of the most prestigious and recognizable summer basketball tournaments played in the country. One team from our neck of the woods will be part of the 64-team field.

Formerly known as Virginia Dream, “Dream 34″ held its final tryout Saturday evening at Roanoke College’s Cregger Center to fill out the roster. The team will be made up of players from near and far such as Andre Washington who played high school ball locally at Franklin County and Roanoke Catholic. The general manager and head coach of the team is Reginald Jeffries, a product of the Wendell Scott Foundation mentorship program, hence the name “Dream 34″. The Scott family is happy to sponsor and be part of a something that can once again continue the legacy of the great Wendell Scott.

“We have embraced the program,” said Warrick Scott, the grandfather of Wendell Scott and co-owner of Dream 34. “The Scott family has a legacy in basketball that a lot of people do not know about and it is sort of right up my alley. So, we did a name change, not a spirit change, but a name change from Virginia dream to Dream 34 to capture the Wendell Scott legacy in totality and we talked about that before about capturing everything that my grandfather was about. He was an avid basketball fan and probably loved basketball as much as he loved NASCAR.”

“The cliché part of us about being called Dream 34 is that we develop leaders, restore, communities, empower youth, achieve our goals, and we move mountains,” said Jeffries. “That is the dream, that is what we live by and that’s what we stand for in such a see it now in year three on the national TV with international pros to a global impact. It’s like a dream come true.”

After the roster is finalized the team will continue practicing before leaving for Cincinnati where Dream 34 will play its opening game against Team Gibson on July 19th.

To hear more about Dream 34 and a recent collaboration with Roanoke Rising Stars, click here.

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Eric is no stranger to the Roanoke Valley. He is a Roanoke native and proud graduate of William Fleming High School.

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