Toasty Temperatures for Sunday

Temperatures rise and fall the rest of the week, much like a roller coaster with a really bad safety record.

ROANOKE, Va. – It’s certainly going to be a hot one today, with temperatures heating up into the upper 90s for most of the region.

Today’s high in Roanoke is expected to reach 97, which would be one degree off from the record of 98, set back in 1914. It wouldn’t surprise me if we reached that number, but we’ll have to see.

approaching record on sunday
Temperature Map

Drought conditions have set in across the state, with a moderate (level 2/5) drought currently in place for the eastern portions of our area, including Roanoke, Lexington, and Lynchburg.


Minor relief is on the way later tonight, as a cold front makes its way east through the Mid-Atlantic, bringing a few showers and storms along the way. The best chances of rain will come between 8-10 pm. Some rumbles of thunder are expected, but nothing severe.


Temperatures fall into the low 90s to start off the week on Monday and Tuesday, but heat right back up again into the upper 90s on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday appear to be nice, with temperatures dropping back into the mid to upper 80s.

Be cognizant if you are spending time outdoors today. Heat is the number one cause of weather related deaths, as it can creep on anyone at any moment. Stay hydrated, take breaks if needed, and look after family and pets as well for any sign of heat related illness.

Download our new and improved weather app here to stay up to date on the heat coming our way.


Drink plenty of fluids. Take breaks, or try to keep outdoor work/exercise to the early morning and early evening hours. Never leave a pet or child in a hot car.

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