Tasty Tuesday: Five ice cream spots you need to visit this summer

These are just five of the great ice cream places we’ve visited during Tasty Tuesday within the past year

ROANOKE, Va. – Summer is officially here, so we’ve put together five of the great ice spots we’ve tried during Tasty Tuesday since the Summer of 2021. You’ll find those below, along with links to each one’s full Tasty Tuesday segments.

We’ve visited a number of great spots prior to the summer of 2021, including Homestead Creamery, Mister Goodies, Rookie’s, Outside the Cone and Blue Cow. If you have any local ice cream spots you love, let us know.


We start with the humming of the engine at a popular blue food truck based in Cloverdale. Smooshed takes family recipes and puts them toward delicious ice cream sandwiches. The menu changes with the weak and with the season. If you’re not sure what to get, you can try one of their ice cream sandwich flights.

The Crazy Mason Milkshake Bar

Next is a place that’s ice cream is as crazy as it looks. The Crazy Mason Milkshake Bar in Lynchburg had lines out the door in its first month of business. Calories don’t count here, especially with one of their favorites - The Heart of Virginia. It’s a strawberry milkshake topped with things that make it look like home. If that’s not your speed, they have enormous ice cream sandwiches too.

Crème Fresh

More recently, we stopped by Crème Fresh. It’s a dairy-free option in Roanoke’s Wasena neighborhood. All the ice cream and waffle cones are made from scratch each day. The flavors are not what you’re used to - ranging from specials like peppermint cashew chip to date caramel pretzel.

The Chilled Spot

Speaking of unique, that’s what you’ll find at The Chilled Spot - where faith and love created something special in the heart of Rocky Mount. Rolled ice cream is an art, and the Tamale family is proof of that. Some top flavors include the Nana’s Nutter Pecan, S’mores and Cookie Dough. Don’t forget to try out a Chillata if you need an extra jolt

The Big Blue Ice Cream Truck

Lastly, we end where we started - at a blue ice cream truck. It’s not just any blue ice cream truck. It’s The Big Blue Ice Cream Truck in Lynchburg. It’s been bringing childhood memories and classics back to 2022. Just like the old days, kids line up at the sound of the truck drawing nearer. Big kids can get their fill too. Jacob Crossett, owner of the truck, is hoping to have multiple fleets around the Hill City one day.

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