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Roanoke man indicted for attempting to support ISIS found competent to stand trial

Langhorne planned to make instructional video for making deadly explosives, authorities say

ROANOKE, Va. – A judge has ruled that Romeo Langhorne, the Roanoke man accused of trying to help ISIS is competent to stand trial.

Romeo Xavier Langhorne, 30, was arrested in Roanoke on Nov. 15, 2019, pursuant to a criminal complaint.

He has been a follower of ISIS since 2014 and has recently publicly reaffirmed his support for the terrorist organization, investigators say.

Langhorne was indicted on a charge of attempting to provide materials and resources in support of ISIS in December.

10 News spoke with Langhorne’s mother in November, who said her son has “mental disorders."

He had a competency evaluation on Feb. 13 and a hearing on the report on Thursday.

The psychologist noted that Langhorne presents as “odd, eccentric, tangential, mildly emotionally reactive, and narcissistic; however, despite these symptoms, he does not appear to manifest symptoms that would form the basis for a recommendation that he be found incompetent” to proceed.

During the examination, Langhorne reported that he had a history of mental illness and is not presently taking prescribed psychotropic medication.

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