Candidates Bob Good, Cameron Webb take part in first forum in race for Virginia’s 5th District

Both candidates agreed on the need to unite Virginians during the pandemic

The two men vying for Virginia’s 5th District Congressional seat met for the first time on the virtual stage on Wednesday.

The district is the largest in Virginia and covers a large portion of the WSLS viewing area, including places like Lynchburg and Danville

The Republican and Democratic nominees will be on the ballot this November to take the place of current Republican Congressman Denver Riggleman.

Cameron Webb, who is running as a Democrat, practices at the University of Virginia School of Medicine. One of his top priorities is health care.

“I support public options, I support maintaining private insurance and I support using that to accomplish the goal of everybody being covered. For me, the most important thing is that we have a health care system that works,” said Webb.

Bob Good, the Republican candidate and former Campbell County Supervisor said one of his top priorities is investing more money and resources into law enforcement agencies.

“Critically, law enforcement and public safety are the number one role of government. Folks want to know that they are safe and if you’re not safe, nothing else matters, and that’s the number one priority that folks want,” 5th District Republican Candidate Bob Good said.

Other topics ranged from broadband access to environmental issues. While the two candidates have different opinions on most political matters, both agreed in finding ways to unite the 5th District and bounce back after the COVID-19 pandemic.

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