Danville announces city saw 0 homicides this summer

City’s first summer since 2015 with less than 2

Danville Police Car (WSLS 10)

DANVILLE, Va. – Danville police are touting the success of a three-month operation focused on reducing violent crime this past summer.

Detectives used the focused deterrence model to guide their investigative efforts toward violent fugitive apprehension, narcotics investigations, violent crime investigations, and the recovery of illegal firearms from July though September, according to the police department.

The department’s actions, Operation Freedom resulted in the following:

  • 34 residential search warrants executed
  • 72 other search warrants executed
  • 204.5 grams of meth seized
  • 123.1 grams of cocaine seized
  • 3,241 grams of marijuana seized
  • 241.3 grams of heroin seized
  • 4,326 grams of synthetic marijuana seized
  • 14.4 grams of steroids seized
  • 25 Firearms Seized
  • $27,620.70 seized
  • 142 people arrested
  • 293 criminal charges filed

Danville experienced no homicides through the summer months of 2021, which police said was a major goal of the operation.

This marked the first time since 2015 that Danville has had less than two homicides during that three-month span.

Credit: Danville Police Department (Danville Police Department)

The multiple investigations within this operation have led to additional cases being developed, ongoing investigations at this time, and likely future criminal charges.

Anyone with information that could help police eliminate violence, gangs, or drugs is asked to contact the Danville Police Department at 434-793-0000.