Roanoke City Council shows support for sister cities including Pskov, Russia

The resolution also condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

ROANOKE, Va. – The Roanoke City Council is showing its support for Roanoke’s sister cities.

On Monday, the council passed a resolution supporting the partnership of the seven sister cities tied to the Star City.

One of those seven is Pskov, Russia. The resolution also condemns Russia’s invasion and voices support for the people of Ukraine.

This resolution comes a week after Gov. Glenn Youngkin called on the cities of Roanoke and Norfolk to end their sister city partnerships with Russian cities.

In response, Mayor Sherman Lea sent a letter to Richmond saying he does not support ending the sister city relationship with Pskov.

The newly passed resolution shows support for the organization, Roanoke Valley Sister Cities.

“To say, we support the work that you do with sister cities because it is about relationships, it’s about compassion, it’s about those things that are important right now,” said Lea.

Roanoke and Pskov have been sister cities since 1992.

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