City leaders search for solutions after weekend shootings in Roanoke

ROANOKE, Va. – The Star City continues to search for solutions after two early morning shootings in downtown Roanoke and still no arrests.

On Saturday morning, a man died at the hospital after he came in with gunshot wounds.

And on Sunday morning, Roanoke City police said a man was shot and drove himself to the hospital after an argument at a Roanoke parking garage.

Councilman Joe Cobb said it’s devastating but not shocking.

“I’m saddened,” Cobb said. “I’m disappointed. I’m angry. I’m frustrated. Along with everybody else.”

Cobb said some business owners tell him they are worried the uptick in gun violence is deterring customers.

“They’ve conveyed some stories to me,” Cobb said. “And it’s important that we hear those stories. It’s also important that we continue to do everything we can with increased lighting and increased camera security.”

Despite these incidents, the Star City hosted back-to-school events throughout the weekend, including Grades Over Guns, a gathering to push the message of gun violence prevention.

As a member of the gun violence task force, Cobb said community involvement and conflict resolution training can help reduce the violence.

“We’re going to see a reduction in violence when we see an increase and a strengthening of our relationships,” Cobb said. “Whether that’s one-on-one with our families, with our neighbors, in our workplaces.”

After talking to Chicago leaders, Cobb said they plan to launch Operation Neighborhood Pinpoint to identify which neighborhoods are impacted the most by gun violence and provide resources to them.

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