Federal plane seen circling Roanoke, Franklin County as search for Michael Brown continues

Search expands into New River Valley

Roanoke, Va. – The intense search for a marine deserter continues more than a week after police say he killed his mother’s boyfriend in Franklin County.

Michael Brown is still on the run after 9 days.

A federal plane was seen circling the city of Roanoke and Franklin County over the weekend.

The chief federal marshal tells 10 News there is no new information on Brown’s whereabouts.

The search has also extended into the new river valley.

Early Sunday, 10 News saw swat teams, state police, federal agents and marshals out looking for Brown.

Marshals say none of the many tips they have received have panned out.

“We have no credible information at this time as a sighting to Mr. Brown, but we can continue to follow each and every lead that is submitted, either by tip or [that has] developed,” said Matt Davis, acting chief deputy with the US Marshals Service. "It’s one of the first few that have indicated that the individuals believe that it truly was Mr. Brown, but again we have not confirmed that.”

Marshals say local, state and federal law enforcement agencies continue to work together on the case with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office leading the investigation.

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