Lynchburg basketball players, coaches host ‘Ball for Kingston’ event

Proceeds of the event went to Kingston Campbell’s family as they deal with the tragic loss of their son

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Regardless of what jersey they had on, Hill City players and coaches came together to support a family dealing with loss.

Ever since 6-year-old Kingston Campbell was shot in his home while playing video games one night, the Lynchburg Community has remained devoted to helping out the family as they continue to grieve and cope.

Over the course of a week, there have been candlelight vigils, prayer services, and a celebration of life for Kingston. The basketball community wanted to do something as well, so teams from across the city put on the ‘Ball for Kingston’ two-day event.

The games were organized at the Jubilee Family Center. Executive Director of the center and city councilman, Dr. Sterling Wilder, said this is a time to show all the support they can for this family.

“They can’t stay in the home and that stuff right now. So they have living arrangements and food that needs to be taken care of. So many other funeral expenses they have to take care of. It’s a lot on them, so the community is saying we got your back and we’re supporting you,” Wilder said.

The goal was to raise $6,000 for the family through $5 admissions, concessions, and donations. After the first night, the event had raised $1,100.

The second night was special as Kingston’s family was recognized and then sat in the stands to watch.

Jullian Chilton was one of the players at Tuesday’s event.

“I think that’s an amazing thing. They have the courage after what just happened to their son, they can just come out here and watch a game of basketball and it’s dedicated to him,” Chilton said.

Chilton, like many other community members, said the community is reeling from these acts of violence.

“The community is starting to crumble and I just think that everything is going crazy. I just like supporting anything I can,” Chilton said.

Travis Thomas coached multiple teams throughout the two days. Thomas said the money is one thing but support is about much more than just donations.

“We could raise a million dollars but any amount of money will not replace the loss of a child. We just want to be able to comfort them, let them know that we love them and that they’re not by themselves,” Thomas said.

Organizers told 10 News they are planning to have another event Thursday to help support Kingston’s family.

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