Man sentenced to life in prison after murdering his Appomattox County girlfriend in 2018

Emotional day in court ends in life sentence

CAMPBELL COUNTY, Va. – A man will likely spend the rest of his life behind bars for killing his then-girlfriend in 2018.

Marquie Williams was sentenced to life in prison on Friday for first-degree murder in connection with Lisa Henderson’s death.

It was an emotional sentencing for both families in the courtroom, but Lisa Henderson’s family says they’re satisfied with the judge’s decision.

“I feel relieved. We’re joyous now. I’m glad. Justice for Lisa was served," said Sandra Henderson, Lisa’s mother.

22-year-old Henderson was last seen in Appomattox County in April 2018. Her body, which was shot multiple times, was found five days later in a field in Campbell County.

Investigators said Williams shot Henderson in the back several times, and as she turned around, he stood over her and shot her in the head.

Henderson’s brother had to be escorted out of court by deputies on Friday after he got upset with Williams when Henderson’s autopsy photos were shown.

Shortly after, the judge sentenced Williams to life in prison. One of Williams’ family members screamed in shock at the news.

The commonwealth says Williams has never said why he killed her and they may never get that answer.

“It doesn’t matter why he did it. It matters what he did. And what he did was something that can’t be tolerated and overlooked. People deserve to know that when you take life indiscriminately, you take it with such cold blood, intention that your place is prison," said Paul McAndrews, Campbell County Commonwealth’s Attorney.

Another man, Felix Jefferson, was also charged in connection with this case. He said he was with the couple when Williams killed her. He cooperated with police and led officers to Henderson’s body.

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