'Do not water the weeds’: Gov. Ralph Northam responds to Liberty’s Jerry Falwell’s mask tweet

Northam answered a reporter’s question about the tweet on Tuesday afternoon.

RICHMOND, Va. – During Gov. Ralph Northam’s news conference on Tuesday he was asked about a recent controversial tweet by Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr.

Falwell’s tweet was in regard to his disagreement with the state’s mask mandate, saying he would only wear a mask if it had the controversial blackface photo in Northam’s medical school yearbook.

“I would just say that in response that my background in neurology and psychiatry is to deal and really help parents deal with their children’s behavior and child psychology 101, chapter one tells us, ‘do not water the weeds’ and I would consider the source,” said Northam on Tuesday.

Falwell’s tweet, which he has said he will not apologize for, has also launched other events.

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