WP: Jerry Falwell Jr. to get $10.5 million in severance, retirement

LYNCHBURG, Va. – On Tuesday, Jerry Falwell Jr. announced that he had resigned from all of his roles at Liberty University — but that’s not the end for him.

He reportedly told the Washington Post that his contract entitles him to $10.5 million because he’s leaving without being formally accused or admitting to fault.

According to the post, he’ll receive $2.5 million over two years, which is equivalent to two years’ salary. After those two years, he’ll get around $8 million in retirement. Falwell says he signed a 20-page contract in July 2019, and has agreed to not work for a competing university.

“The board was gracious not to challenge that,” Falwell said about him stepping down in good standing. “There wasn’t any cause ... I haven’t done anything.”

The process of Falwell’s departure from the Christian university left many with more questions than answers.

Hours after Liberty University released a statement saying Jerry Falwell Jr. agreed to resign then reversed course on Monday, he old the Wall Street Journal that he was officially stepping down. But he didn’t confirm that he was leaving until Tuesday afternoon.

Falwell’s exit comes after a period of back-to-back controversies.

Earlier this month, Falwell was placed on an indefinite, paid leave from the university, but leaders said in their statement Monday night that “additional matters came to light that made it clear that it would not be in the best interest of the University for him to return from leave and serve as President.”

This follows a Reuters report published Monday about a man who claimed to have had a years-long sexual relationship with Becki Falwell with Jerry’s consent.

On Aug. 7, 2020, Falwell Jr. agreed to take an “indefinite leave of absence” from his roles at the university just days after he posted, then deleted a photo of himself and a woman both in unzipped pants.

After the photo went viral, a GOP lawmaker and former Liberty University instructor called for Falwell Jr. to resign.

Falwell talked with WLNI about the photo.

During Falwell’s leave of absence, Liberty Board Chairman Dr. Jerry Prevo is serving as acting president.

Jerry Prevo named Liberty University's acting president on Aug. 10. 2020. (Liberty University)

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